Keep On Keeping On

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Keep on keeping on

I was introduced to this phrase by my group therapy mate, A. It’s from a Bob Dylan song.

Whenever she signs off her emails with it, this is my way of knowing that she cares.

We’ve been writing, even though I’ve stopped group (due to financial reasons) and in the last few weeks, I hadn’t heard back from her. I started imaging the worst… Maybe she thinks I’m boring, maybe she thinks it’s pointless to continue emailing, maybe she thinks I talk about myself too much, etc etc etc…

Then I summed up some courage and decided to write to her to say I hadn’t heard from her. And then in the same day, she replied! She said she did reply, and it either didn’t get sent or it got lost. I was hugely relieved!!!

So lesson there: don’t assume. Don’t immediately think the worst of things and myself (low self-esteem). Ask, clarify, find out the truth, if possible.

In other news, I made my 3rd Etsy sale! I’m over the moon! Such a blessing. I’ve not broken even, but at least it’s baby steps till I do, and until I make a profit 🙂 I thank the Universe for all 3 of you. You know who you are…

To everyone who’s feeling down or blue, the clouds will clear and things will get better. What comes down must go up – remember that. <The Universe Provides> <keep on keeping on>


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The Bob Dylan song that contains “Keep On Keepin On” — Tangled Up In Blue (Amazon) (iTunes)


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