girlintherapy girl logoFemale in Asia. I see my therapist, Steve, who’s in New York via†Skype.

I’m a recovering Codependent, and I’m using†anonymous blogging to share my recovery journey.


2015 was a big year for me: moved out, work transition, got married, changed from one therapist to another (for the better)… I am now involved in group therapy and also†Codependents Anonymous†(CoDA).


My first experience with a counselor was when I was 14. The second was†around two years ago, I sought therapy when I experienced my worst depressive state (thankfully, no suicidal thoughts). Earlier this year, I wanted to solve two longstanding issues (one of which is my extremely strained relationship with my mother), I looked for an affordable therapist here, but it didn’t really go anywhere. And then some months ago, I found Steve, through someone I know.

So this is†technically my 4th time seeing†a professional for my mental health.

Therapy/counselling is still taboo and a stigma in Asia. Too many†people out there still think it’s a problem to have a problem,†which leads them to†not seek any (professional) help. Maybe they don’t know who to turn, maybe people think they have†to have one foot in the crazy house (mental institution) before being “able”†to cry for help. No, you don’t have to *wait* for that to happen; if that day should come, it’ll be too late.

I have Steve‘s blessings for this blog. He thinks it’s good that I’m seeking avenues to learn, grow, and express myself.

From me to you

To whoever you are, you are NOT alone. I hope†through†my site you will gain some relief to know that the pain and the struggle you face, there are others like you and there ARE solutions to feeling better and being better.

And if you ever need someone to talk to, you can:


PS. Yes, about my mother, Steve has identified†she†has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) with Narcissistic tendencies. And I personally think she definitely has Martyr Syndrome/Complex.




I stopped therapy†ó due to financial difficulty. (Will be blogging about that soon)

I commemorated going to CoDependents Anonymous (CoDA) for 1 year in Dec!

I started an Etsy shop to sell affirmation quotes magnets with the intention to:

  1. Spread affirmation, motivation, empowerment, inspiration, love and healing to others who need it
  2. Help myself financially

Do†pop by if you have a minute!

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