Instagram shoutout #keeptalkingMH

Instagram shoutout #keeptalkingMH

I’ve received a few requests for shoutouts and mentions.

So I decided to do a post where you can comment and tag yourself or anyone you’d like to share with the world.

Anyone who’s a survivor (of any kind!), if you provide a service to help others, if you want more people to know about a cool place/organisation/blog/person you found out about, anyone or anything that inspires you, holler right here.

The hashtags on my post pic are just a few that came to mind – not restricted to those categories.

I don’t think I have a lot of clout. But I do know that one voice is never too small to make a change. That’s why I decided to do this.

For me, I’m all for the cause of mental health awareness and invisible illness awareness! Hope you’ll join in! Comment and tag away… (I’ll be posting this on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+)


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