A celebration of firsts—my Etsy shop

Over the last few days I experienced a few “firsts”.

My Etsy shop is up and running!

my Etsy shop
YESSSS! It’s alive! Go check out this cheery newborn at Girl in Therapy on Etsy!

Today, I celebrate it being one-week old. It was “live” on 24 Nov.

Setting up shop—any kind of shop—has a multitude of baby steps required. What to do, how to do, when to do, etc etc etc… (I talked more about this in my previous post.)

And being one who’s stubborn (sometimes otherwise known as persevering or determined), I could not stop until my shop was up. Literally. I worked non-stop and grabbed only bits of shut-eye here and there. If you know I have a sleep disorder, you’d know I’m capable of no-sleep.

Like starting anything for the first time, the birthing pains are so real… and inevitable.

I’m also so glad I chose Etsy. It has a very tedious but very solid set-up. There was a lot of nitty gritty to get out of the way, but because it’s such a well-oiled machine, they’ve thought of everything. The framework they’ve provided for sellers is amazing! We just have to “fill in the blanks” they’ve prepared.

Etsy also has a really wide reach. I may not have been this easily found if I started e-commerce on here instead.

My first “favourite”

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that first “heart” (that’s how you “favourite” either a shop or an item/listing—just like on Instagram).

He’s some random guy, not anyone I know (I think!) so that’s super cool. I hadn’t started spreading the word yet and I didn’t think anyone would chance upon my shop.

Maybe my keyword research and usage worked? Yes, I researched keywords to optimise for visibility! And also not discounting the vastness of the Etsy network.

My first order!!!

……And yes, I received my first order within ONE DAY of my shop’s opening!

Though Etsy took a few days to process it, and it wasn’t confirmed until a few days later.

I have so many emotions—joy, excitement, victory, relief. Feeling really touched and gratitude. It’s as if my days of struggle have been worth it.

The buyer is someone I know from a Facebook Group for bloggers (never thought I’d call myself that; I don’t think I’m a “blogger”, I just blog—that’s all).

I’m preparing the order, and I hope she will like it!


The celebration goes on

my etsy shop pin
So, thank you so much, for your WONDERFUL support!

Thank you…

  • if you placed your Likes on your favourite designs (I reached out and invited people to Like their favoured designs on my FB album)
  • if you said an encouraging word
  • if you helped me spread the word
  • if you visited my shop
  • if you bought something…


My shop existing with actual items being sold is extra special to me because:

  1. I’ve proven to myself that I can achieve anything I want if I put my head and heart to it. (This coming from someone with mental health issues… is huge.)
  2. My financial struggle may have a chance of being alleviated.


Everyday, we experience “firsts” of all sorts, and all firsts are worth celebrating.

So LIFE is worth celebrating.

May you find time to enjoy this celebration that is Life! Celebrate Life everyday!


PS. If there is anyone wanting to start an Etsy shop and is facing difficulty in any way, please feel free to get in touch. I’d be happy to help! Again, do feel free to visit my Etsy shop here 🙂


Shop my Etsy right here

Due to my mental health struggles, I have problems earning a stable income. In order to help myself financially, this post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small fee at no extra cost to you, based on your activity on this page. (See my disclaimer page for more information.) If you wish to show your support, you may take a look at my Etsy shop and see if anything tickles your fancy 🙂 Sending you warmth & gratitude in advance! Once again, thank you for reading my blog.


  1. Latasha| Arts and Budgets says:

    So awesome!! Congrats!! 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    Wow, that’s awesome you received your first order so quickly! Congrats!