Am gonna celebrate my 500 followers while it lasts My Follower count fluctuates, so have been waiting for it to reach 500 for a while now. So looks like it finally has… Thanks everyone – thanks for your support! Hope you enjoy my posts and if it helps you in any way, for instance to feel less alone, to know someone else out there is facing something similar to you… To inspire you… To motivate you… To affirm you… To create new perspectives… To increase mindfulness… To encourage you… I&039;ve met many of you on here. I&039;m grateful for YOU because you&039;ve provided your loving support either directly or indirectly. Instagram has become a safe place for me to express myself and to "be" with my recovery fam. Please feel free to tell me below what you like about my feed/posts and what you&039;d like to see more of. I&039;d love to hear your thoughts! ē support mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness mentalhealthrecovery mentalhealthblog instagram motivation inspiration mindfulness encouragement justbe safespace recovery codependence codependent codependency codependentnomore

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