HAPPY HEARTS DAY That&039;s my way of saying Happy Valentines, and Happy Singles Awareness Day. Borrowing the lyrics from Kermit the Frog&039;s "Rainbow Connection" (who doesn&039;t love that song!)… I just wanted to give a shout out to every single soul that sees this post… The MOST IMPORTANT love is the love for yourself. Yes, selflove. Please remember to love YOUrself today. You are your best Valentine! Nothing can ever replace the love one has for themself. No one can do it but you. No one can love you better than you! You may not have it now nor know how to do it yet, but baby steps… This applies to me too for sure. It&039;s not easy, and may be a long winding road, but you&039;ll get there. You got this, ok! Hearts to you, you and you!

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