Unable to declutter email…

Can you imagine I feel guilt, fear and insecurity regarding unsubscribing from mailing lists?

I have a problem with letting go. I fear the information I would not receive if I unsubscribed, even with mailing lists that I did not personally sign up for.I possibly also feel guilty if I were to offend anyone if I unsubscribed. These are some of my symptoms ofCodependency.

But I find myself ignoring these mailing list emails. Like I have a filter on and simplyscroll past them, like how people have developed natural “ad blockers” due toinformation overload on every possible medium – online like Social Media, and offline like billboard ads, bus ads, magazine ads, etc etc…

All these emails take up space in my Inbox. I have around 10,000 unread emails! I suspect this also feeds my ADD!

But I am slowly regaining my power. I’ve unsubscribed from two! Wish me luck with the rest!!! I really wonder if anyone is going through the same thing as I.

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