Do you procrastinate like I do?

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Why do I have a procrastination problem?

Do you procrastinate like I do?

Currently there are things waiting for me to do… Like to open bills, pay bills, open government letters, buy my supplements, reply emails (both work and personal), etc…

Some of these I can understand why I dread doing, but some things like buying my supplements are practically beneficial for me.

I don’t know why I keep putting them off.

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Considering the possible reasons…

A few things come to mind:

  • Is this self-sabotaging behaviour?
  • Is it because I feel daunted or stressed or bored doing some of these things?
  • Is it because I don’t think I deserve to treat myself better?
  • Am I in denial? What am I in denial about? Procrastination is to do with denial right?
  • Is it because I think I can get away with not doing these things?
  • Is it because I’m genuinely forgetful or get distracted with “other things”?
  • I’m bad at making healthy priorities? (Codependent trait)
  • Am I (irrationally) rebelling against myself since I’m now the authority that governs my day-to-day as opposed to any boss or parent?

How do you cope with/counter procrastination?

I kind of plan (not really), and it always falls apart. I won’t stick to the plan! I think I need to learn what this thing called “showing up” is, which some CoDA members have mentioned before.

I’ve always linked this to ADHD behaviour. Anyone can relate at all?? Would really love to get some support here, or any thoughts/comments, feedback, etc… Thank you all.


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  1. girlintherapy profile image
    girlintherapy says:

    Since this post, I paid a credit card bill (minimum payment unfortunately) and bought my supplements. That’s a huge Yay!!! Hope I get to the other things I’ve been putting off…

  2. versablog profile image
    versablog says:

    @girlintherapy it can be, a lot of the night time I spend wanting to do absolutely everything and feeling completely motivated, but then when I wake up I remember that feeling but somehow just dismiss it. It turns into me saying “cba” and then procrastinating

  3. girlintherapy profile image
    girlintherapy says:

    @loliblullama Your room is a bomb site – that’s my whole apartment My husb hates it but he’s also messy in his own way! I’m ok with this “mess”. It’s not that bad TBH – I’m ok living in it, but am not comfortable if people were to come over (my place is too small anyways). Thanks for your comment, makes me feel less alone on this

  4. girlintherapy profile image
    girlintherapy says:

    @versablog “Focussing on one little thing at a time” to trick your brain into thinking it’s not doing anything… Interesting. The thing is, my brain wants to do EVERYTHING. But I realise, after many days, months, years of trying – it’s not possible. So it’s either I do nothing, or want to do everything. Is that the same with you?

  5. versablog profile image
    versablog says:

    I am a massive procrastinator, it doesn’t matter whether it’s something that benefits me or not. Sometimes it makes me feel really lazy and bad about myself, but I have to remind myself it’s not always my fault. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. I find just focusing on one little thing at a time can help me get more done and tricks my brain into thinking it’s not doing anything, but in reality I’m being super productive x

  6. theshotgunopera profile image
    theshotgunopera says:

    In response to your main question, I struggle severely with procrastination. I am AWFUL. I once read a study that suggested that chronic procrastination is linked or similar to OCD behaviours but I know that ADHD can also contribute and amplify that. Even when I plan things out I get easily distracted and end up not bothering. For example my room is currently a bomb site but I’m laid upside-down on my bed on instagram

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