New! Printable adult coloring pages—with positive affirmations

Hey everyone, I’m really excited to share that I’ve finished posting my new printable adult coloring pages on Etsy!

Printable adult coloring pages - girlintherapy

I personally think that positive affirmations are really helpful with learning to love myself, build self-esteem, confidence, self worth and a lot of other good things.

These sayings and phrases can be really empowering too.

I was in part inspired by this video of dads teaching their young daughters to say positive affirmations in front of a mirror. I wish I had a fraction of this growing up!

And there are sooo many benefits to colouring as an activity. (blog post on art/colour therapy coming up!)

That’s why I decided to create positive affirmation quotes into colouring pages! In fact, they’re suitable for BOTH adults and kids alike ?

So far, the quote designs I’ve created are:

1. I will be patient with myself today
2. I will remember that my best is good enough for today
3. I open my heart to what the Universe is bringing into my life
4. I accept myself as I am
5. I love my body
6. I’m precious in every single way
7. I speak my truth without fear
8. I treat myself with loving kindness
9. I am learning to Let Go and Let God
10. I live for each moment; I am present

I also included a custom quote listing — make your own unique custom colouring page with your favourite phrase, quote or saying!

The designs are instant download printables! Just put them in your cart, check out, and receive the link to download via email. Easy peasy! Super convenient!

Take a mental health day and colour the afternoon away. Or print them for kids and help them to foster their sense of self.

Print as many as you want, colour them in different colour themes, put them up in your room for daily mindful reflection…

I really hope you’ll check them out; I’ve poured my heart, soul, sweat, tears into this little project -> ?️↖️

There are plans for more though – affirmations as wall art and social media quotes too! Just wanted to send this out first and will update as I go along.

Favourite my shop on Etsy, so you’ll get updates on when new items are up! Or you can follow me on social as well, to get the latest on this small (but labour-intensive) project of mine. If you have been following me, you’d know that this is one of the ways I’m trying to help myself financially.

For your convenience, you can check out my latest listings right here below. ???

Much gratitude in advance for your support!!!

What do you think of my printable adult coloring pages? Do you like coloring too?

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  1. Luci says:

    I love the trend of adult coloring books. I personally would think that coloring for a couple of hours would relax your mind. I will have to check out your Etsy page for my mom.

  2. Renuka says:

    It’s a great idea to include affirmation quotes into colouring….and you chose some really nice quotes….how we forget our blessings.
    Hope it does well at etsy….!

  3. Katriza says:

    Wow, this is something I was looking for! Positive affirmations are so important to building your self-worth, especially if it’s been torn down! Coloring books for adults are such a great idea and I’m glad you’ve made one for positive affirmations because the ones I’ve been seeing are just curse words =/

    • Girl says:

      Ahh, never realised, and I think you’re right! I think adults find it funny and/or ironic, because colouring is meant to be a child-like activity but then it gets an “adult” spin on it with swear words. So there was an increase in attention and demand. I’ve even seen kinky colouring books on Amazon! < - NSFW

      But thank you – I feel validated with what you’ve said, and I hope others, who are interested in colouring more holistic content, feel the same! 🙂

  4. elizabeth o says:

    Positive affirmations are a big part of my daily life and I create new ones while cherishing old ones. I wish you much success on your effort…

  5. Emily Terrell says:

    These are amazing! I used to think that adult coloring was a waste of time. Until I started using it to color while my kids colored pictures. I found myself being so much more calmer and relaxed afterwards!

    • Girl says:

      I know what you mean about thinking they’re lame. I used to be one of those people!

      Until I started my mental health recovery. When I realised I could not say positive affirmations about myself, that revealed to me how much I struggle with self-love! I had so much self-hate in the past, I could not bring myself to say anything positive about myself.

      To the people who think positive affirmations are lame, watch the video in my post! Watching these dads teach their young daughters positive affirmations never fail to bring a tear to my eye!

    • Girl says:

      Aww, glad you could relate with “I am learning to Let Go and Let God”, Ellie. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a good day.

    • Girl says:

      You’re right, Candy. My colouring pages make a great gift to someone you care about; you can even gift one to yourself! #treatyoself

    • Girl says:

      Yeah, that was the plan! I sure hope my coloring pages will be helpful to people who’d like both the benefits of colouring as well as positive affirmations 🙂

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