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My therapist is Steve Hauptman, LCSW (go google him), he is based in New York. He agreed to be named in my blog. So if I mention “Steve”, I’m referring to him. Our therapy sessions are conducted using video calls on Skype. I’d say the distance has never been a problem at all. During the first session with him, so much ground was covered, I was amazed. I was so happy he was the “right fit” for me.

PS: He published a book in Dec 2015, called Monkeytraps. Check it out here.

My group therapy mates are A and J. So if you see posts with A, and J, I’m referring to them 🙂

My CoDa/recovery friend is JF.

My 14 Day program sponsor is AT.

(It seems like everyone I know has names starting with either A or J!)

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