Support Groups

Recovery support groups are great, I’ve come to realise. I guess since it is considered unchartered territory, I was supposed to be fearful and apprehensive. But I was not actually afraid. When it comes down to it, I will do whatever it takes to recover.

Group therapy

After a few sessions of personal therapy with Steve, he recommended I join one of his support groups for Group therapy. He said it would be beneficial for me to have my emotional needs met by interacting with people who will not judge me, who are facing similar issues as me, and to gain support from others like myself.

Group therapy via Skype?? Who knew there was such a thing! I said “yes” immediately. I now “meet” with him and two other ladies, one from the UK, one from Canada, on a weekly basis 🙂

Update: I stopped attending group therapy in 2016 when I stopped therapy with Steve. 


Steve also suggested I could look for a Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA) in my country.

Lo and behold! Good ol’ Google showed me there was one! I mustered the courage to attend my very first meeting. I honestly did not know what to expect. And of all things, I was hesitant because I thought it may turn out lame. I am very glad I made my way to my very first CoDA meeting!

CoDA is a 12 Step program originating from the States, inheriting the Alcoholics Anonymous format. This is their official site

If you think you may be Codependent (you may refer to the Patterns & Characteristics of Codependency, according to CoDA), you may wish to find a CoDA meeting in your country and attend their meetings.

  • What Is A CoDA Meeting?
    Attending meetings is necessary for recovery in the CoDA program. A codependent attends meetings for his/her personal recovery, and this attendance benefits everyone, its what creates the group. At meetings, we share our experience, strength, and hope in our program of recovery. (source – under FAQ)


What support groups do you attend? How has the experience been? It would be great to find out more, since I myself am pretty new to this…

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