25 random facts about me

There was a “25 random facts” trend a while back.

I thought it’d be nice and fun to put together a “25 random facts about me” to share more about myself, given that I blog anonymously and all.

But like for most things, I procrastinate way TOO MUCH. So, this “25 random facts” thing may be passé right now, but heck, I’m posting it anyway!

Please note:

  • No. 10 is NSFW
  • Trigger warning: No. 7 and 8 (food-related)
  • Trigger warning: No. 12 and 13 (phobias)
  • Trigger warning: No. 17 to 19 (alcohol-related)


Ok, here goes…

25 random facts me - Girl in Therapy

1. I like bendy straws.

2. I like cliché souvenirs like mugs and magnets.

3. I don’t like dancing in the rain; I have to be either all wet or all dry (OCD?).

4. I have synaesthesia — I see a different colour with every number from 0 to 9. (Ask me how I see each number, if you’re interested ?)

5. I’ve never been hospitalised nor have had surgery.

6. I converted to Protestantism in my late teens but have become agnostic over the last few years.

7. I love breakfast/brunch food.

8. I LOVE cheesey snacks.

9. I collect collectible toys/figurines. They used to be called “designer vinyl“, like Be@rbrick, Kubrick, Dunny, etc. I also collect LEGO, PEZ, you name it…

10. I’ve questioned my sexuality because I’m a boobs girl.

11. I love long hair but get annoyed when my hair touches the back of my neck. I’d rather NO hair touches my face at all, yes that includes my fringe. (OCD?)

12. I have an irrational fear (phobia) of insects and arachnids. Documentaries and pictures of close-ups of ants, bees, butterflies, spiders, etc FREAK ME OUT LIKE HELL.

13. I have an extreme fear of heights.

14. I like soft serve — am intrigued with its shape as much as I love the taste.

15. My travel bucket list includes going to Antarctica, beholding the Northern Lights and visiting Dali’s House in Spain.

16. I have never seen snow in my life.

17. I don’t drink coke unless with popcorn at the movies or when mixed with rum.

18.  My fave poison is rum; I don’t really take to beer.

19. I order cocktails according to the colour of the drink sometimes. Sometimes this girl wants a “pink drink”!

20. I knew that I had mental issues from a young age, because little me was fearful that I would develop Schizophrenia.

21. I’m not formally diagnosed for ADHD (which I honest-to-god think I’ve had and coped with for a loooong long time). Depression (or Dysthymia), OCD, among other things, and most recently I think I may have PTSD due my dad who had/has an explosive temper, because loud noises (sudden or otherwise), violence and thrill rides like roller coasters scare me.

22. One of my fave pastimes is watching movie trailers on the IMDb app. The IMDb app is like a bible to me; I refer to it when I look up celeb info whenever watching TV or at the movies.

23. I took a really long time to be born (can’t remember, something like more than 24 hours?). This is my own personal joke (excuse) about my tardiness issues ?

24. I love playing dress up, so I really like Halloween!

25. If I were to choose a spirit animal, I think mine would be a rabbit.


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  1. Vandana says:

    Okay first off I like you. 🙂 WOW, we are so similiar! I am also a recovering co-dependent as well as recovering from many other things. I really appreciate that you put trigger warnings. I struggle with triggers and so this was very thoughtful. I also see you sell on Etsy excited to check out your page. Thank you for being so open and honest it’s refreshing to read.

    • Girl says:

      Hi Vandana, always a pleasure to meet a fellow recovering Codependent! 

      Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad you enjoyed my post 🙂 

      Hope you see something you like on my Etsy shop

      Please feel free to look me up on my other social media accounts, and please know that my PM is always open if you want to chat about your recovery journey. 

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