17 reasons I think I have OCD

I felt prompted to revisit the reasons which are possible symptoms of my so-called OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).

It was when my therapist gave me a handout, where it mentioned OCD being one of the conditions sometimes co-existing with ADHD. (See this post.)

So far I don’t think of it as a huge hindrance or has it hampered me too much in my daily life. Although, these tendencies do stress me out.

People who know me KNOW that I can be quite “particular” or “fussy”. But I don’t know if these symptoms definitely fall into OCD territory for sure.

are symptoms OCD - Girl in Therapy17 reasons I think I have OCD

1. My cutlery must match

At public eateries here, they don’t always provide sets of cutlery with the same design.

2. I don’t like gaps between furniture

Furniture must ideally align, if they’re supposed to. For example, table against a wall, or adjoining tables.

3. I don’t like any hair on my face or neck

My hair is either always tied up or kept away from my face in some way or form.

4. I don’t like being half wet, half dry

That’s why I don’t like being caught in the rain. I have to either be dry OR wet. Which explains why I don’t like to perspire (though I think no one really does?) and in the shower/bath is the only time I like being fully wet.

5. I can’t have gravel at the bottom of my feet

I get annoyed with any dirt that comes into my shoe or sandals, especially when it rains. I HAVE to wipe my feet. Small stones are easier to get rid of.

6. I wash my hands often

  • Before I touch fresh laundry — I think the dirt and germs from anywhere else (including dirty laundry) will contaminate the clean clothes
  • Before I touch my food
  • After I touch my food
  • Before I touch my scalp when drying my hair (I’ve a sensitive scalp)
  • My hands generally feel grimey easily

7. I carry a lot of tissues/napkins

  • For wiping cutlery — cleanliness and hygiene are not great when eating out here
  • For blowing my nose
  • Anytime I need to wipe a table in public because it’s wet or dirty; same for seats
  •  To use in public loos when they’ve run out of toilet paper
  • To wipe the toilet seat (I’m pretty amazed I can bring myself to sit on the seat with my bare skin)
  • To clean my mouth after eating
  • To CoDA, because I tend to cry

8. I use A LOT of toilet paper

For obvious reasons.

9. I carry wet wipes

  • To sanitise my hands
  • In place of hand-washing

10. I place many things on coasters

All cups, glasses, crockery at home ideally have a coaster under them.

11. I fidget in bed when my pyjamas don’t feel “right” on my body

I’ve to tug at my pants if they ride up, or if my shirt falls on my body weird.

12. I cannot touch street animals like cats (because germs)

13. When I want warm drinking water, it must be of a certain ideal temperature

I’m not sure if not liking cold showers is a similar point. The temperature of the water HAS to be at least warm!

14. I cannot place my mobile phone on simply any surface.

I typically place it on a napkin (because germs).

15. I will not sit in bed if I’ve not changed clothes after coming home (because germs)

16. I will not wear clothes meant for home out (because germs)

To me, there are “indoor clothes” and there are “outside clothes”.

17. I don’t allow shoes being worn in the house

We walk barefoot at home. I mean, who wants dog poo, ALL sorts of dirt, insect carcasses, EVERY kind of gross and possibly harmful things transferred onto the floor from shoes, which your feet are going to touch???

I will be adding to this list if any more come to mind.

So, do I have OCD?

Given all this, it was not surprising I enjoyed my time in publishing, because there was a lot of alignment work to be done, design-wise.  I LOVE making sure things are aligned!!!

All that said, you will be mistaken to think that I live in a clinically sanitised home.

My place is messy, but I call it an “organised mess” (ADHD-related messiness?)

So am I “OCD” or am I not “OCD”? I don’t really like the term being casually bandied about, because it IS a delibitating disorder for those actually suffering from it.

I’ll be looking into it more, and will be discussing it with my therapist at our next session, since he gave me a questionaire about it. I’m not sure how I fared.


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If you have been diagnosed with OCD, I’d love to hear from you.

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