The Universe provides

The Universe provides - girlintherapy

The Universe provides

One of my fave mantras that I hope I’ll continue posting about in 2017.

Tonight, for my “day job”, I met someone who is a referral of a friend’s friend. She became a client, just like that. It was as if it landed on my lap, from the heavens.

The process isn’t complete, so anything can happen from now till then. The application may not be approved and she may disappear, etc… Possibilities abound.

But the most important thing is honouring that this happened tonight. It didn’t need to happen. But it did. And I’m truly amazed. To me, this is a sign that I’m looked after, someone is looking out for me – in this case, my Higher Power, the Universe.

My remuneration is paltry. But again, this is secondary to the fact that this event unfolded in my life. I accepted the opportunity and showed up. I think “showing up” will be one of my new year resolutions.

I’m grateful for this miracle. Looking forward to more in the new year.

What are you looking forward to next year?


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    girlintherapy says:

    @deangied That sounds awesome. You had solitude while my version is isolation. I hope to isolate less and meet healthy(ier) people, or at least people who are trying to get healthy, in the new year. I want to find my tribe (IRL)! Looks like more resolutions are surfacing for me…

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