I need me some positive energy!

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I’m in need of positive energy

Needing myself some positive energy. During last week’s CoDA meeting, the reading was about Positive Energy.

Negative Energy

Negative Energy to me is like a storm with thunder and lighting and simply snowballs and can overtake and weigh one down.

I’m hoping to spark some positive energy to keep me going.

Sometimes I feel blah, and flat

And even if I’m doing something I feel lifeless. (Depression?)

Today is a bit like that. I caught up on sleep, albeit unwittingly. And I slept too much. And am now trying to catch up on work/stuff.

Frustrations can get me down

For example:

  • Why don’t I have a double-sided scanner?
  • Why is my internet connection suddenly so slow?
  • Why is my email jammed at a time like this!

I am grappling with the not very user-friendly interface on the company’s system back-end because I need to retrieve and relay some info to a client. While struggling to meet the 5pm deadline to email a colleague who’s helping me to submit some paperwork.

Realised I haven’t had my supplements. And I’ve not eaten 🙁

Needing to spark some positive energy soon

Hoping if I rev up some positive energy, like negative energy, it will spur me on and power me up like a warm glowing light.

Which will hopefully burn brighter and brighter.

Till it’s sleeping time of course (well, that’s another story)…


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