The last person who should judge me… is me

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The last person who should judge me… is me

This phrase came to mind as I was on the bus home.

I was self-blaming again, about not having done enough (for work).

I am usually my own harshest critic (used to be worse pre-recovery), and this is one of the times I indulge in judgemental behaviour toward myself.

Love me for me

I’m reminded that I’m the only one who can love me the way I want/need to be loved. I can’t place that expectation on others (and it’s also not another person’s job to!)

Since this is the case, I need to better learn to love myself.

I think I’m far from being my own ideal parent and someone who knows how to treat myself with loving kindness.

It’s a journey

It’s definitely a journey of self-discovery and learning to equip myself with these skills and tools.

I will watch out for the times I beat myself up and turn that around to be the nurturing voice that I should have toward myself.

Then again, in CoDA, we learn that we have a loving Higher Power.

So maybe I should learn to surrender and let my Higher Power love me, and teach me to love me?

Today’s words of affirmation:

I am willing to learn to love me as I am, to love myself for being me and no one else.


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