Don’t underestimate the power of the Universe

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Reporting back on the roach issue

1. The Universe heard my cry

The building management replied my email pretty quickly. I’m glad they seem to be taking me seriously.

They apparently contacted the neighbour next door (who owns the vacant unit, of which I think the roaches are coming from) but they’re not in the country. So they’ve taken matters into their own hands and stuffed the gap under their front door with some rags in the meantime.

I’m glad such swift action was carried out!

2. Crouching Girl, Hidden Roach

The roach that came into our place, which I couldn’t find and caused me that major reaction has come out of hiding. My husb killed it while I was asleep. I was awoken by the noise he was making. It must’ve been the one because he said it came from the direction I saw it go toward.

Dang!!! SO relieved.

2 days of peace… for now

Ever since the door was “sealed off”, I’ve had 2 days of peace. It feels like normalcy has been resumed!

Thing is, I’m just freaked out by the thought of the number of roaches which are stuck inside the apartment now because of the rags – how many of them will be “released” once the rags are removed.

YIKES!!! Gives me the creepy crawliesssss.

I will enjoy this calm while it lasts!

I thank the Universe for you

I thank the Universe for taking care of me.

And for sending people my way (meaning, on Instagram) to talk to me while I was all over the place, to say a word of encouragement or reassurance. I thank the Universe for you too. ???

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Don’t underestimate the power of the Universe!


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    Hi, I just came across your blog. Very cute:) Have you ever thought of travelling abroad to find some relief in health issues? Some integrative modalities and tests are cheaper in Asia or Mexico and you can do it while “snowbirding” so to say:)

    It’s good for mental health too to be in sunny place. Those aurora borealis lights are common in moody Finland too.

    • Girl says:

      Thanks for stopping by. No, I’ve not considered seeking treatment overseas. At the moment, I have trouble making ends meet. So this is out of the question for me.

      I visited your website, you are covering an interesting topic.

      • Medical Travelling says:

        I see, now when I looked more carefully your “about” page I realized you are in Asia already. Sorry. So you get plenty of sun at least. You can check my site about ozone therapy home user tips if you like. Those may help for mental issues as well.

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  2. dbmshoutouts profile image
    dbmshoutouts says:

    You were born to win! Your circumstances, situation, or challenges do not define you. You have comeback power! I believe in you! Keep looking up!! You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!

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