May is Mental Health Awareness Month 2016

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I’m taking part in #themetoomovement for #mentalhealthawarenessmonth. Inspired by @anxietysupport’s call-to-action, this is my “Me Too”.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month 2016 in the US.

At this point, I’m unable to come out of anonymity. A #CoDa friend said I write really freely on my blog. And I guess it’s because of the safety I created with being anonymous.

But by taking this step, I’m paving the way for my future, where I will reveal to people what I go through. There is much lack of information and education in my country about mental health. And I still feel my position is pretty vulnerable right now.

Here’s to everyone braving it with their “Me Too”s. May the stigma lessen with time and open minds & hearts.

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