Surrender – Let Go and Let God (or Higher Power)

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I always attribute any lack of success to myself. I will think it’s because I was inadequate or my direct doing that led to the “failure”… I do not attribute any deciding factor to other people (potential clients). I will always think it’s 100% my doing that led to them deciding not to buy/explore buying.

I guess this is my mistake and downfall. I put the entire blame on myself. So I carry the whole weight of the “failure” on my own shoulders.

I mean it’s not always “about me”. There are multiple reasons why the sale didn’t go through… And I must recognise and acknowledge that.

Instead of thinking it’s *always me* (Low Self Esteem patterns in Codependency), I need to surrender and know that what will be will be.

There’s a saying: “Gods will most often happens in spite of us, not because of us.” I need to remember that.

So that I won’t beat myself up to a pulp inside. So that I will learn to be kind to myself. So that I know whatever happens is as intended by my Higher Power.

And my time will come. My time to shine, my time of achievement, my time of “success”.


  1. Sue Bride says:

    I used to feel just the same, blaming myself and comparing myself unfavorably with others. Low self-esteem sucks. In fact I can relate to many of your problems and the resulting affect on your life and relationships.

    It took me until I was older than you to seek help but, once I found the right help, it was life changing. I also found out that my tendency to anxiety, social anxiety, depression, ADT, and some obsessiveness is due to a genetic fault. (They are symptoms of being a carrier of Fragile X Syndrome – something my son is affected by.) Once I knew that I stopped blaming myself.

    I hope you find the solutions you are searching for. Please don’t give up trying. Above all, don’t feel guilty.

    • Girl says:

      Wow, thanks Sue. I’ve never heard of the Fragile X Syndrome! I will go find out more…

      I’m grateful for your sharing on how you can relate, and also your encouragement. Thank you so much! 🙂

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