Do you think asking for help is a weakness?

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Asking for help does not mean you’re Weak

It requires Courage, Humility & Strength

…And don’t you forget it!

So what inspired this post

Today a CoDA member, who’s a fellow key holder (as am I), told me they can’t make it for the meeting. So it’ll be me opening up and setting up for the meeting.

This member told me before that they find it hard to ask for help.

I realise that’s the reason some people choose to isolate, because they’re in need, but don’t want/don’t know how to ask for help.

I find myself in the opposite situation at times. I don’t take responsibility for myself, as a defence mechanism. Also, in the past my mom kept wanting to interfere with my life, so I just let her take over.

So asking for help isn’t that hard for me. But I know it can be hard for some.

Please know that if you ask for help, you are NOT…

  • weak

  • inadequate

  • invalid

  • worth less than others

  • needy

  • dumb

  • insufficient

  • ineffective

In fact, it takes one to be brave, honest, vulnerable, humble and strong to reach out to others.

Let’s spread the word and clear the misunderstanding of the act of asking for help!!!


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