10 Things to Say (and Not to Say) to Someone with Depression

How to help someone with Depression

If you want to show you care, this is a list of helpful things to tell someone with Depression.

  • If you are coping with Depression — I hope you find comfort in these quotes. Save the pics to your phone and set as a Wallpaper. Or on your computer. Keep these motivational messages where you can SEE them.
  • If you have a friend or family member who suffers from Depression, you may keep the quotes in mind to cheer them on and show your support.


1. I’m here for you

How to help someone in Depression - You're not alone in this
What to say:
You’re not alone in this.

What NOT to say:
There’s always someone worse off than you are.

2. You matter

How to help someone in Depression - You are important to me
What to say:
You are important to me.

What NOT to say:
No one ever said that life was fair.

3. Let me help

How to help someone in Depression - Do you want a hug
What to say:
Do you want a hug?

What NOT to say:
Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

4. Depression is real

How to help someone in Depression - You are not going crazy
What to say:
You are not going crazy.

What NOT to say:
So you’re depressed. Aren’t you always?

5. There is hope

How to help someone in Depression - See one another through
What to say:
We are not on this earth to see through one another, but to see one another through.

What NOT to say:
Try not to be so depressed.

6. You can survive this

How to help someone in Depression - I’ll still be here and so will you
What to say:
When all this is over, I’ll still be here and so will you.

What NOT to say:
It’s your own fault.

7. I’ll do my best to understand

How to help someone in Depression - I can offer my compassion
What to say:
I can’t really understand what you are feeling, but I can offer my compassion.

What NOT to say:
Believe me, I know how you feel. I was depressed once for several days.

8. You won’t drive me away

How to help someone in Depression - I’m not going to abandon you
What to say:
I’m not going to leave you or abandon you.

What NOT to say:
I think your depression is a way of punishing us.

9. I care about you

How to help someone in Depression - I love you
What to say:
I love you. (Say this only if you mean it.)

What NOT to say:
Haven’t you grown tired of all this “me, me, me” stuff yet?

10. We’ll get through this together

How to help someone in Depression - I am going to take care of myself
What to say:
I’m sorry that you’re in so much pain. I am not going to leave you. I am going to take care of myself, so you don’t need to worry that your pain might hurt me.

What NOT to say:
Have you tried chamomile tea?

(source: health.com)

I have Depressive symptoms and that’s what people like me need, a good support system where we feel safe so we won’t isolate ourselves.

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If you have Depression, this is the list of natural cures I’m on. Go check it out. If you don’t like being on meds, and if your therapist/doctor says it’s safe to try out other means to get better, you might wanna give this list a go.

If you know someone in Depression, and you’d like to help them, do share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, any Social channels you’re on. We need to get the word out on Mental Health Awareness and Compassion.

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  1. Claudia H. Blanton says:

    a very serious topic indeed – there is so much misunderstanding and confusion about this topic – mental health issues in general. But we as a society need to really start paying attention, because this issue is prevalent and will not go away no matter how much it is pretended away. Or medicated away – which does not necessarily seem to help in some cases. Blessings!

    • Girl says:

      Thank you for your warm feedback, Claudia. Indeed, a lot are not aware that people in Depression can’t simply “snap out of it” and it’s definitely different than when someone is simply “having a bad day”.

      I’ve learnt through recovery that a good support system is really important. And sometimes this can’t be found at home, so one has to seek this elsewhere, where it is safe and where others (like you or otherwise) can meet your needs for support, etc.

  2. Matt says:

    Despression is a very serious topic and can seriously change a persons life. Its important to support others in this time of need. I think the two most important things you can do is understanding, and support. If you keep giving those two things he or she will eventually come out the other side.

    • Girl says:

      You’re spot on, Matt!

      In reality, as harsh as it sounds, understanding and support may not be readily available for those in Depression. I’ve realised that there is still a lot of ignorance (misinformation and misunderstanding) and stigma revolving around mental health issues like such…

      Only with education and open minds can this change in society.

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