Today’s Miracle ó Etsy

Today's Miracle ó Etsy - girlintherapy

Today’s Miracle†ó Etsy

Today’s miracle comes in the form of an Etsy buyer receiving my magnet a month late, but nonetheless it showed up!

She previously requested for a refund, which is entirely understandable and reasonable. I issued it to her, and around a week later, she received the package!

She even offered to pay me for it, and left me good feedback on Etsy.

Looks like the Universe provided for the both of us. I’m blessed to have such great customers. When the delivery didn’t arrive initially, she even consoled and encouraged me instead of being furious at the no-show.

I may have to implement mandatory tracking to my orders moving forward. If you’d like to visit my shop for mindful magnets for mental health, view it on my Shop page (includes the origins stories) or go to†Girl in Therapy directly on Etsy.

What’s your miracle for the day?


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  1. girlintherapy profile image
    girlintherapy says:

    @arak_anavrin Yeah – me too! I issued the refund but told her to tell me if it reached her anyway. I offered to send her another one since we all thought it got lost but she decided she didn’t want that and wanted to be refunded still. And when she messaged me to say she received it, that was definitely a surprise! For both of us!

  2. cntn_123 profile image
    cntn_123 says:

    I have to say that she is a good and rare customer, that is patient and understanding, unlike us commoners getting angry and file a complaint letter etc. My miracle is that i get to buy a cake for my parent in time, and in the last minute, because no one else have the time to buy it. I managed to buy it, even with time constraint and, ummm… headaches and cramps.

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