The latest Neko Atsume update—Japanese summertime purrfection

I’m shaking things up a little here with a fun post.

Anyone following my personal FB, Twitter and earlier posts on Instagram would know that Neko Atsume Kitty Collector is one of my leisure loves right now. This “cat collecting” game by Japanese company Hit-Point Co has caused me much pain and pleasure (but that’s another post for another day).

I’m definitely going to do a few posts on why Neko Atsume is my alternative pet therapy but this is a quick post on its latest app update.

So here goes…

Neko Atsume Update Ver 1.7.0

What is in this latest update:

  • 2 regular cats — Chip and Pasty
  • 1 rare cat — Bengal Jack
  • New toys (you can see entire list here)
  • “Summer” elements in the yards


In this post, I will be covering what’s different in the yards and the new cats!

Note: Ver 1.7.1 was released shortly after to fix the bug that caused the in-game time to stop. The bug caused players mass panic because no cats were coming to their yards even after putting food out for hours! Read more here.

Neko Atsume yards – Summer Edition

To date, I have only gotten the Zen Style, Rustic Style and Sugary Style, apart from the default Original Style.

Since I’m one who loves details, I could not help notice the delightful “summer elements” added to the yards with the new update! Each are iconic to Japanese summertime. You can read more about summer in Japan here.

Zen Style

neko atsume update zen style yard

Neko Atsume update: Zen Style Yard

neko atsume update zen style yard original

Neko Atsume update: Zen Style Yard – Original

The fan in the Zen yard is a traditional Japanese fan called the Uchiwa.

>> You can look for one HERE.


neko atsume update rustic style yard

Neko Atsume update: Rustic Style Yard

Neko Atsume update: Rustic Style Yard - Original

Neko Atsume update: Rustic Style Yard – Original

The seashell decorative ornaments reflect the love of the beach during hot summer days!

>> You can shop for some HERE.


Neko Atsume update: Sugary Style Yard

Neko Atsume update: Sugary Style Yard

Neko Atsume update: Sugary Style Yard - Original

Neko Atsume update: Sugary Style Yard – Original

Having an ice cream cone is like an everyday affair in the Japanese summer heat, since there are so many flavours there!

>> Have you tried Yuzu, Matcha or Black Sesame? 🙂


Neko Atsume update: Original Style Yard

Neko Atsume update: Original Style Yard

Neko Atsume update: Original Style Yard - Original

Neko Atsume update: Original Style Yard – Original

The little piggy is actually a mosquito coil holder. Mozzies abound during summer in Japan, so to keep them at bay, repellent in the form of a coil incense is used. This is popular not only in Japan, but in the rest of Asia (where I’m from). The spiral shaped incense is called Katori-Senko, and the holder (in this case, the piggy) is called a Kayariki. You can read more about it here.

>> They make great souvenirs or gifts!

Ameowzing Summery pics

What’s great about the summer decorative elements are the photo op!

See, doesn’t Lady Meow-Meow look extra glam with her summer Uchiwa? 😉

neko atsume update lady meow meow

Have you noticed these small details in your update too?

Now I really wish they’d come up with a beach-themed yard remodel. That would be purrfect!!!

New Neko Atsume cats

I was lucky enough to get all three new cats in a single day after I downloaded the Ver 1.7.1 update!

Hit-Point may have made it extra easy to compensate for the bug that caused the in-game time to stop in Ver 1.7.0.

And here they are…


Neko Atsume update - Chip


Neko Atsume update - Pasty

Bengal Jack

Neko Atsume update - Bengal Jack


  1. So far, all cats are not fussy eaters. Good ole Frisky Bitz will lure them to your yard.
  2. You can see from the above pics what toys they fancy.

If you haven’t gotten any of the three cats, feel free to try out my tips. I know of some people who’ve already gotten Chip’s memento!

For Neko fans…

Have you already gotten all the new cats? Which is your favourite?

Which new toy do you like best? I’m a toss between the Manta Gel Mat and the Dino Deluxe!

Share with me anything about the game in the comments below, if you’ve tried it, if you like it and if you don’t, why not, etc… 🙂 Would love to get to know more Neko enthusiasts! ?

For new Neko fans…

And if this is the first time you’re hearing of this game, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to try out this really fun, low key, casual—and did I mention super cute (kawaii)—game, you can…

Download it here:

Neko Atsume for iPhone and iPad
Neko Atsume for Android


I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to Like, Share, Comment. Meow!

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  1. Hillary says:

    My son and i love playing Neko Atsume!!! it’s so fun to collect the little cats and see them playing. It looks like there have been a lot of updates since we last checked in, so we’ll be downloding the updates today. And thanks for highlighting all the different features–i wasn’t aware of a lot of these!

    • Girl says:

      Sure, Hilary. Glad to know a fellow Neko lover! Being detail-oriented comes with the territory 😉 Just had to do a shout out of what I love about the latest update! Hope you and your son have fun collecting the new Nekos and their mementos. I’m still waiting for some rare cats’ mementos!!!

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