It’s OK

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It’s OK

It’s ok if you decide to change your mind.

It’s ok to feel however you’re feeling. All feelings are valid.

It’s ok to change course. Nothing in life is set in stone. You’re not living to anyone’s expectations.

It’s ok to miss a CoDA meeting to have your favourite rosti.

It’s ok to feel unsafe with a fellow CoDA member.

It’s ok if your sleeping hours are still massively out of whack. Today is another day to try again.

It’s ok if your bank account is dwindling to nothingness. It’s only money. You’re not a failure if you don’t have a bulging bank account. Though money IS necessary for survival – that’s another story.

It’s ok to not be ok.

It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok.

This is a recovery saying very close to my heart. This is the way I do positive self talk, and maybe parenting of my inner child? I’ve to remind myself, whatever it is, IT IS OK. What will be will be. Accept whatever IS at the moment. Surrender and see what happens, what will unfold, what the Universe will bring… #itsok #itsokay #itsokaynottobeokay


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