I love my body

I love my body - girlintherapy

I love my body

Today was the first CoDA meeting of 2017.

During the time for open sharing, while listening to other members share, I was looking down at myself. And this thought flashed across my mind – I LOVE MY BODY.

I definitely don’t love my body, inside or outside.

I don’t eat well (as part of rebelling w/o a cause because my mom goes on and on about healthy eating), I don’t like some of my body parts, I have never put thought into accepting – and even loving – my physical shell of a body.

The first ever time was at the dentist for a root canal recently. (I definitely need to blog about this)

But maybe the Universe was trying to tell me something. That it is time to learn to love my body, my being. I am going to try…

I love my chunky thighs.

I love my heavy bottom.

I love my love handles.

I love my hairy arms.

I love my freckles.

I love my small hands.

I love my teeth, of which most have fillings.

I love my oily skin.

I love my cellulite.

I love my nails (and hope to stop biting/ruining them)

I love my feet.

I love my shortened hamstrings.

I love my aching shoulders.

I love my nose which makes my face asymmetrical.

I want to get back to doing yoga – one of my new year resolutions. I hope I will develop a greater love and respect for my body this year!!!


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