Hiatus — Things happen in threes

It seems that things tend to happen in threes.


I have not gone for CoDa for possibly two months. I’ve gone for at least three meetings. I remember I wanted to sit out one of the meetings intentionally. Once per week felt too frequent. But after that, appointments and work meetings kept falling on the day of CoDa meetings. I felt something was missing 🙁 I need to go for a meeting soon!

Supplements for Depression

Today I woke up and realised something: I have not been taking my supplements! It probably has slipped my mind in the mornings, especially when I’m up late and/or am rushing out of the house. Does this explain why certain Depressive tendencies have resurfaced?? My Group mate A suggested one may feel more down when going through an emotional time in recovery. But, just maybe, it has something to do with my missing my supplement intake.


I’ve been for two sessions of Yoga. I’ve not gone back 🙁

Either the timings don’t fit into my schedule or I’m too tired, or I don’t feel motivated to go 🙁

(My class package expires in April or so. I should use up my classes or they’d go to waste.)



New Habits to form (or resume):

  1. Going for weekly CoDa meetings
  2. Taking my daily supplements
  3. Booking my next Yoga class

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