Being in therapy is not a weakness

Being in therapy is not a weakness.

That’s what my Group Therapy mate told me a few weeks ago.

In fact, it’s a strength. You are brave enough to seek help. You’re a trailblazer for someone from your culture.

What she said touched me, and reassured me. I was not consciously aware I felt shameful about it. This came up when during Group, I was asked if my sister knows about my being in therapy.

My reply was that I don’t want her to think I’m a crazy person! (There is a history of her not being able to respect me as an older sister)

I find strength in what she said. Some day I’ll find it in me to tell my sister about Steve, why I’m seeking help, about everything.

(Symptoms: Codependency – wanting the other party to think well of you, wanting to control how they feel/think about you; enmeshment.)

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