YOU ARE YOUR GIFT TO THE WORLD I&039;m feeling low today. After responding to some posts on IG, I realise a repetitive sense of worthlessness. I&039;m plagued by my low (or no) self esteem, where I don&039;t think I bring anything to the table, I don&039;t create value and there is no point in existing (no suicidal thoughts) – just feeling flat and out. Maybe because I&039;m starved of the 5 A&039;s (Acceptance, Appreciation, Approval, Affection, Attention) and I don&039;t know how to feed it to myself if no one is around to do that. Inspired by @fakingitwithadhd&039;s post, I&039;ve created my own reminder for today. If you&039;re struggling today, this is for you. This is for us. I do want to learn of my worth (maybe I should just accept it first and understand it later) gradually and fathom how I am "precious and free", according to CoDA literature. lowmood lowselfesteem noselfesteem depressed depression codependency codependent selflove iamloved imatter

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