Peace ē Serenity ē Freedom ó what do you seek in life?

Peace Serenity Freedom - girlintherapy

Peace ē Serenity ē Freedom

I hear these words being used interchangeably by my CoDA mates.

I guess that’s what we are all seeking at the end of the day.

  • Inner peace that isn’t shaken by external chaos.
  • Serenity and calm in our daily lives within, when by ourselves, dealing with others and/or situations.
  • Freedom from where there has been bondage.

What are you seeking in your own life?


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    girlintherapy says:

    @ptsd_how_to_recover I can relate, trust me! 2016 was the year I retreated inwardly because I was fearful of the people whom I knew, and most (maybe all) are unhealthy. I felt too vulnerable around them. But this year I’m slowly seeing that I’m more comfortable/confident being around them and I’m not so easily triggered… Day by day, I say

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    girlintherapy says:

    I shall let go of the fact that I forgot to include my signature/watermark on this pic And trust that anyone who’s gonna repost/share will remember to tag/attribute me. And even if they don’t, hmm there’s nothing I can do about it… #letgoandletlive

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