Don’t Mistake Your Strength For A Weakness

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Don’t Mistake Your Strength For A Weakness

Yesterday when talking to my old friend, something he said, that I didn’t acknowledge, was him affirming me that I’m taking action to change things.

He shared that it took him 20 years to begin mending his relationship with his dad. And not everything falls in place all at once, but sometimes certain events (and possibly milestone events) have to happen in order to move the pieces in place, and sometimes over a long period of time.

My going to therapy and CoDA are steps I’ve taken to improve things in my family, by my initial desire to better my very strained relationship with my mom.

And it takes strength and initiative to do so.

Part of me still views what I’m going through and put myself through as tainted with shame. But it was a reminder from my friend that I’m doing something to affect change in my own life so that I can spread this to the relationships in my life.

Today if you feel shame with what you’re going through, please know it takes STRENGTH to survive whatever it is you’re coping with on a daily basis. We will learn to survive, then we will learn to thrive! If you’re on meds, don’t be ashamed (I’m not on meds, but I’m on supplements). Take them, because you need them – either for now or forever, whichever is necessary.

I don’t feel safe yet to share this with many people because I don’t wish to be dismissed or judged. But the last person who should judge me is myself. So this is my own reminder for today.

Thank you S, for being there for me yesterday. I thank the Universe for you.


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