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stop feeling hopeless - girlintherapy

It&039;s not the end (of the world), if… – someone hasn&039;t replied my email – I missed a deadline – I seem all over the place, and things are not being carried out as "planned" I used to be a master planner. I&039;m not sure where these skills have gone. Maybe I&039;m good at planning for stuff that isn&039;t my own, so there&039;s some kind of detachment(?) I tend to think something is doomed when my expectations are not met, when I (very sketchily) planned something and it didn&039;t pan out – not yet at least. It&039;s a common thread of black & white thinking, being hard on my self (lack of self love), thinking its "not ok" when things are actually ok, forgetting to take one step at a time while being very impatient for things to fall in place. Melody Beattie said in The Language of Letting Go: "We don’t have to do recovery perfectly." I think it&039;s the same for most processes, at least at the beginning… It may start as a mess, but that&039;s ok. And amidst this "mess", a path will be carved out, things get clearer and more orderly… Trusttheprocess, I guess. Holding my horses; will learn to be patient, gentle and kind with myself. • mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness mentalhealthblogger mentalhealthblog itsok itsnottoolate onestepatatime babysteps bepatientwithyourself romewasntbuiltinaday itsnottheendoftheworld perfectionism

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