I can’t let go of my dying phone…

I’ve bought an iPhone 6S last year. Was dying to order it and dying for it to arrive. But had to wait for my husband, because we were getting one each, and we wanted to buy it online together.

I was impatient for it to arrive because my iPhone 5C was going kaput. The battery was really weak, I have to charge it a few times a day because it goes out like a light at 24% battery life some of the time. 

At this moment, I’m still holding on to my iPhone 5C. 

At first I thought I wasn’t ready to migrate to my new phone cos prior the iPhone 6 arriving, I bought a new phone cover/case, what more I also just replaced my broken screen. 

But it has been some time now. It’s as if I’m still not ready to give it up!

I’m wondering if it’s because I have difficulty in letting go (Codependence?)

I suspect I’m nuerotic. 

Why do I NOT want to use the new phone that I have which has (an almost definite) higher usability? 

Why am I suddenly ok with the trouble of plugging my phone into my power bank (which is pretty heavy) multiple times a day??

When will I DECIDE that enough is enough, and I’m moving on? 

It seems like this echoes a lot in my life, where I linger on longer than I should on things, and people.

Maybe this is something I can bring up during group therapy tonight. 

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