Don’t Take Things For Granted

Don't Take Things For Granted - girlintherapy
Don’t take things for granted

Our bathroom pipes are entirely clogged. I’ve tried using various methods to clear the the blockage, but I wish I knew where the problem is exactly.

I thought we could wait it out since the plumbers who came before could not fix the problem, it would come back immediately the day after. And then go away again.

I thought the same would happen but this time the pipes seem seriously stuck!

I can’t use my own bathroom to shower, relieve myself or brush my teeth!!! I never knew I had it good – with a working bathroom – until something like this happens.

This is a reminder to myself. To be thankful when things are going smoothly. We only notice when things go “wrong” and things we can normally do easily CAN’T be done ūüôĀ

For example:

  • When I’ve a paper cut and have problems washing my hair due to the pain.
  • When I’ve a bad throat and swallowing hurts.
  • When there is weird and random pain in my leg (knee or ankle) and I can’t walk properly

I’ve relented and am looking for a plumber. I hope our problem can be solved long term somehow!


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