Rome was not built in a day

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This is a reminder to myself. To keep at whatever that I’ve started, whatever that I’m doing.

I tend to want to seek the “BEST”, fastest, most effective, fail safe path to “success”. If I sense a hint of uncertainty, that failure may be lurking, or the path may not lead to success, then I drop it, change gears, go on some other path. That said, I’ve never been a good finisher. Always starting things, but find it hard to finish and finish well.

What affects me sometimes is the desperation – financial desperation.

It is an exhilarating thought, the notion of (almost total?) freedom, to choose to do whatever one pleases or decides – work-wise – when one is self-employed. There’s no boss to blame or hate. YOU are the boss.

With this freedom, being in the driver’s seat is scary. And I always second guess myself, and tend to be hard on myself. The financial desperation is also very real and pertinent.

Nonetheless, if I change gears as easy as I flip a switch, I won’t get much done. Results don’t come easy or instantaneously. I have to keep working at it, and building whatever it is I want to achieve. I don’t have illusions of grandeur, I’m simply fighting for my survival. And I hope I remember that the next time I think of dropping everything to try something new and fancy with what seems a shorter path to accomplishment – whatever is too good to be true probably is.

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