A new outlet for creative expression!

I chanced upon this article today. It really comforted me and helped me get through the day:

10 Things to Say (and Not to Say) to Someone With Depression

Recently I have†come across quotable quotes which inspired me. Some are from material I read, some are shared by fellow CoDa members, etc…

I’ve decided to try my hand at creating quote images (I’m not sure if they have a name). It will be my personal collection to share with the world. This also will be a good outlet for my creative spirit. I love to create.

I will be experimenting with Instagram and Pinterest.

I will start with the above link of 10 Things to Say (and Not To Say) to someone with Depression.

I look forward to my new creations. I hope they come out alright. I am also hoping this will help me cope with whatever it is I’m facing for the day.

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