️Good moods are seriously underrated️ – It&039;s really rare I feel a general positive mood, am pumped and ready to go. And no it&039;s not a temporary high, it&039;s a steady, level good-mood ️ – I woke up at 1pm, which isn&039;t too bad. I didn&039;t feel sluggish or like crap, which is what I feel on most days. – I finally got my mailing list mechanism to work after toiling away last night. It&039;s a tedious, painful process (not sure why this is often the case for me), but it&039;s finally up! Thanks to the helpful staff on GetResponse&039;s live chat. So if you wanna receive a weekly round up from me, you can go ahead to subscribe on girlintherapy.com – I think the latest PokemonGo update did help tho 80 new Pokemon released?? Shut the front door! – Have gone out to get a bagel-wich. Bagels aren&039;t commonly available where I&039;m from. So I&039;m psyched! – I sincerely wish everyone a good weekend ahead – PS. Borrowing lyrics from "I Can See Clearly Now" – can&039;t be more apt now. • mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness mentalhealthblogger mentalhealthblog mentalhealthrecovery depression codependent codependency goodmood positive sunshine icanseeclearlynow goodday weekend

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