You are doing the best you can This week I felt lost and yesterday it was mostly apathy and disinterest. I was concerned – is this my Depression acting up? Being encouraged by my Etsy shop, I&039;m trying to start a label selling quote magnets as a small local business. It has not gone on that well. A lot of the time I&039;ve been crippled by fear of failure and the pointlessness of it all. (Though I&039;ve got to give myself a pat on the back because I managed to meet a buyer of a local chain in Jan, though he has been slow on follow up – which also contributes to my paralysing fear and sense of worthlessness.) Today as I rushed to the CoDA meeting, a thought flashed across my mind: You are doing the best you can. This is definitely not from me, because it&039;s not my first instinct to reassure myself. I figured this was Higher Power stuff…! I think my Higher Power speaks to me in quotes. I read so many on IG daily, and I store them here; it&039;s like I have my personal bag of quotes! So my HP pulled out one to comfort me. I&039;ve not accepted it yet though; I always am the hardest on myself, and think my best is never good enough. Nonetheless the message I got was: even with feeling lost, apathetic, disinterested… this is the best I can manage for now. I am doing the best I can. ē mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness mentalhealthrecovery mentalhealthblog mentalhealthblogger codependency codependent codependentnomore HigherPower 12Step codependentsanonymous

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