I have come up with a Resource page for anyone going through therapy who is experiencing a similar situation as me ó Codependency, Depression, ADD/ADHD, you name it…

I was hoping to be spoon-fed all the answers I was looking for. But that was not to be the case. †My therapist did not even spoon-feed me that he was not going to spoon-feed me!

So I’ve been equipped by various recommendations… by Steve, my support group mates, my own research on the internet, etc. I thought to put everything together for anyone who might find it useful.

I will add to the list whenever I find anything that helps me. Do comment or feedback if you have tried anything on the following pages†ó if it has worked for you, or if it hasn’t.


Codependent Recovery Tools


Psychology Dictionary

Non-medicinal “natural” cures†(Supplements)

Support groups

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