is this a panic attack – girlintherapy

is this a panic attack - girlintherapy

I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW AND AM TRYING TO CALM DOWN. I could not speak intelligibly to my husb when I called him. There has been a cockroach infestation in the last few weeks (around a month), and I&039;ve informed the building management. BASICALLY A ROACH WALKED UNDER MY FEET (I had my legs propped up on an opposite chair) AND THEN BY THE TIME I WHIPPED OUT THE INSECTICIDE I COULDN&039;T FIND THE FUCKER. I started shouting at it. And walking on tip toe. I didn&039;t want the thing to run out from nowhere. My stomach is in knots!!! I started being paranoid and thinking it would be everywhere in the house! The cockroaches have been in almost every part of my house in the last month!!!!!!!!!!!!! Including outside our door on the pathway! I live in fear everyday. Everything that is dark and the size of a roach would startle me. Any small sudden noise I will think it&039;s a roach. It increases my OCD – roaches are disgusting and carry diseases! Am I getting PTSD wrt roaches??!!! I thought we were the ones breeding them, but now I truly suspect it&039;s to do with the vacant unit beside us. There has been none seen at the common rubbish/refuse point. Until recently. I couldn&039;t figure it out!!! I just feel better that I&039;m not causing this. But also helpless because we can&039;t do ANYTHING about it personally/directly. I&039;ve gone out to meet my husb nearby because I can&039;t be at home right now. I&039;m sitting here and stomach feels like it&039;s being squeezed. I also feel I need to feed myself. I&039;m waiting for him to be done with his discussion so we can go home and wipe out that fucker!!!

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