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EVERYONE HAS A STORY. Behind the face of everyone you see, there is a life they&039;ve lived that you can&039;t see. You wouldn&039;t know why someone is how they are, be it positive or negative. You may like them or you may not. And no, I&039;m not saying you can&039;t be mad or annoyed, bewildered or dumbfounded… You are entitled to everything you feel. What I&039;m saying is, after the feeling, take a step back and consider that there are things going on that you don&039;t know about. Heighten your awareness. Be more understanding. Practice compassion. Cut people some slack. Try a little kindness and empathy. You may not be able to SEE what they go through, but it doesn&039;t mean it&039;s not there. And no, I&039;m not saying to put others&039; needs before your own. And if someone is toxic, yes, do stay away from them. At the end of the day, there is a reason why we are all the way we are.

Everyone has a story – girlintherapy

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