I just wrote a "25 random facts about me" post. I thought it&039;d be nice and fun to put together a list of stuff to share more about myself, given that I blog anonymously and all. Here are some facts to begin with. 1. I like bendy straws. 2. I like clichť souvenirs like mugs and magnets. 3. I don&039;t like dancing in the rain; I have to be either all wet or all dry ( OCD?). 4. I have synaesthesia — I see a different colour with every number from 0 to 9. (Ask me how I see each number, if you&039;re interested). Read the rest on girlintherapy.com! Have you done a "25 random facts" post before? Lemme know, and I&039;ll go check it out. If you have not, why don&039;t you try it? It can be fun to compile trivia about yourself; I had a kick while doing it! Have a good weekend, y&039;all ūüôā . . . mentalhealth mentalhealthblogger 25randomfacts 25randomfactsaboutme

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