KEEP ON KEEPING ON I was introduced to this phrase by my group therapy mate, A. It&039;s from a BobDylan song. • Whenever she signs off her emails with it, this is my way of knowing that she cares. • We&039;ve been writing, even though I&039;ve stopped group (due to financial reasons) and in the last few weeks, I hadn&039;t heard back from her. I started imaging the worst… Maybe she thinks I&039;m boring, maybe she thinks it&039;s pointless to continue emailing, maybe she thinks I talk about myself too much, etc etc etc… • Then I summed up some courage and decided to write to her to say I hadn&039;t heard from her. And then in the same day, she replied! She said she did reply, and it either didn&039;t get sent or it got lost. I was hugely relieved!!! • So lesson there: don&039;t assume. Don&039;t immediately think the worst of things and myself ( lowselfesteem). Ask, clarify, find out the truth, if possible. • In other news, I made my 3rd Etsy sale! I&039;m over the moon! Such a blessing. I&039;ve not broken even, but at least it&039;s baby steps till I do, and until I make a profit 🙂 I thank the Universe for all 3 of you. You know who you are… • To everyone who&039;s feeling down or blue, the clouds will clear and things will get better. What comes down must go up – remember that. TheUniverseProvides keeponkeepingon

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